by War Elephant

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released October 21, 2010

Music - Nick Tempel
Lyrics - Bryce Jassman
Art - Clennon Aranha

Drums - Cody Dewald
Bass - Liam Wolstenholme
Guitar - Nick Tempel
Vocals - Bryce Jassman



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War Elephant Calgary, Alberta

Heavy hardcore from Calgary, AB, Canada.

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Track Name: Inside
Track Name: Sore Thumb
An old abandoned house with no contents left inside
I was dead before I was built, no chance to be alive
I've been worn out, paint has peeled
I'm ready to be torn down
I'm a sore thumb on a block of homes
I'm hated by everyone
There are ghosts that haunt my halls every day and night
They are loveless and neglectful souls and one day they just might
Set a fire upon my walls and burn me to the ground
And the sore thumb on the block of homes will be forgotten by the town
Track Name: Since, I Don't Know When...
Consume, consume
Neglect the ones that need you
Cutting inches from your waist
Reality will come to the door and spit in your face
The only thing you taught me was how to never be
I laid awake at night to the sound of your screams
A lullaby of hate as I fell asleep
Night after night pacifying me
They are loveless and neglectful souls
And I don't want them in my halls
Now unguided I'll have to cope
Because this house was never a home
Track Name: Mammon Maya
I'm a sore thumb on a block of homes
I'm hated by everyone
I'm not what they want
But I'll never, ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever... come undone
The modern day average mold of what a person's supposed to be fucking disgusts me
You fell in love with greed
And raped creativity
Track Name: Lost Thoughts
I never had a set plan
This town has just took shots at me
Of what I can't and can do
Every goal and every thought are slowly being lost
I'm running out of time
I'm not getting any younger
I'll just have to live longer
If every dream and every hope are just pushed down
I'll have to build something so I'm not forgotten by this town
Track Name: Insomnimare
There are ghosts that haunt my halls
All around me I hear them call
Screaming, thinking that I'm dreaming
Sinking feeling as I'm pleading
Pleading for some inner meaning
Leaving, dreaming that I'm sleeping
Wake the fuck up
Track Name: Hate Medley
I cannot be more than just this, more than just me
I have to see more than just lies, more than just greed
I was dead before I was built yet I'm real and alive
The only walls that spoke to me were the ones that told me lies
But I could not take what the world showed my eyes
So we continue to cope, continue to love, continue to hate and get through life
Track Name: Ash Manor A.
Take a look at me and strike a match on the ground
Please burn these walls down
Will you I'm asking you to turn them to ash
With no room to breathe I'm doubting that I'll last
I'd rather see these walls burn and smoke fill my lungs
Than carry so much in me that there's no room for love
Track Name: Outside